IUPAT 82 is proud to endorse the following candidates who have a proven track record of creating positive change for working people:

Dan Feehan for Minnesota’s First Congressional District

“Dan Feehan’s experience as a soldier and teacher, and his commitment to the working families of Minnesota, are exactly what our members need in Congress,” said Terry Nelson, Business Manager/Secretary-Treasurer of DC 82. “An advocate for working people, Dan knows that all Minnesotans deserve family-sustaining careers, good benefits, and fair access to union representation. That’s why we’re proud to endorse him to represent Minnesota in Congress.”

“Some federal legislators are intent on passing right-to-work legislation, ignoring billions in wage theft, and letting corporations gain power over working people,” said Matt Smith, President of IUPAT Local 681 in Rochester, MN. “Dan Feehan fights for us. With him as my Representative, I know he’ll be fighting for my family and my union brothers and sisters in Washington.”

Ilhan Omar for Minnesota’s Fifth Congressional District

“In the two years that Rep. Omar has been in office, and in her work before holding office, we have consistently seen her willingness to listen, commitment to preserving labor unions and amplifying the voice of working people,” said IUPAT DC 82 Business Manager/Secretary-Treasurer Terry Nelson. “She’s worked tirelessly to hold the Department of Labor accountable for workplace safety regulations and to win support for working families struggling due to COVID-19. Rep. Omar did not hesitate to publicly stand by the IUPAT on our COVID-19 relief package demands. The lives of our members are better because of Rep. Omar’s time in Congress, and that’s why we’re proud to endorse her.”

“There aren’t many people in Washington ready to stand up for working people, but Rep. Omar has been there for us since day one,” said Jean Fields, a glazier with DC 82. While some politicians fought to bail out billion-dollar corporations, Rep. Omar worked to support our families. I know she’ll keep up that work in a second term.”

 Alfreda Daniels for Brooklyn Center City Council

“As a union member and a community organizer, Alfreda directly understands what working families in the Twin Cities need: fair access to labor representation, health care, and good-paying jobs,” said Terry Nelson, Business Manager/Secretary-Treasurer of DC 82. “Through her work in the labor movement and her passion for the Brooklyn Center community, Alfreda Daniels has shown her commitment to bringing all voices to the table and finding solutions that benefit everyone in the community. These values benefit our members, our community, and working people everywhere.”

Kathleen Williams for Montana’s At-Large Congressional District

“Throughout her career, Rep. Williams has worked for the working families of Montana, never failing to find lasting solutions we can all agree on,” said IUPAT DC 82 Business Manager/Secretary-Treasurer Terry Nelson. “In her time in the Montana House of Representatives, Rep. Williams has advanced the economic development of our state, creating hundreds of new jobs for Montanans. Her dedication to improving our infrastructure, building up workforce training programs, and protecting workers’ rights will serve our members well on the national stage.”

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