Now is the time to fight for America's future.

Here are some of the issues affecting our members, endorsed candidates and an easy guide to register to vote!  



Steadfast support for all working families

Recent changes to the DOL and NLRB have tipped the scales in favor of corporate America like never before. Some politicians and the richest 1% are using our differences to divide us and make themselves richer. It’s time to protect the working class.


Health care access and retirement security

Americans’ health care and retirement funds are under attack. The super-rich & their puppets in the Senate are hoping we don’t notice as they undercut everything we’ve worked for.


Job creation and infrastructure investment 

Learn about the issues. Vote for candidates who know what our paychecks mean to us. Register now to safely vote by mail via your state’s website:

Our next paycheck, health insurance, our next contract, and our retirement security depends on us showing up and VOTING UNION.

Voting in Minnesota

Please Apply to Vote Early by Mail. To complete THE application online you must: 

  • Be eligible to register and vote in Minnesota
  • Provide an email address
  • Provide your identification number:
  • MN-issued driver’s license, Minnesota ID card or last 4 digits of Social Security Number. 
If you’re not registered online, you can register when you vote on election day. Learn what you need here. 

Voting in North Dakota

Congrats, you don’t need to register to vote! You can apply to vote Absentee or Mail Ballot here

Or you can just show up on Election Day and bring your ID. Be sure to read the voter ID requirements for voting here

Voting in Montana 

  • If you’re not already registered to vote, you can late-register at the county election office, all the way up to Election Day. 
  • Learn about the absentee ballot application process here
  • Learn where you can late-register here

Voting in South Dakota

Register to vote before October 19.

In-person absentee voting takes place from September 18 – November 2.

Not sure if you’re registered? Check to see if you are registered to vote

Voting in Wisconsin

Learn if you’re registered to vote, or register to vote by visiting this page.

Learn about our endorsed candidates

IUPAT DC82 Government Affairs Endorsement Recommendations for the Delegate Body on March 24th, 2022


U.S. Congress:

Rep Angie Craig

for Minnesota’s 2nd
Congressional District

Rep Betty McCollum

for Minnesota’s 4th
Congressional District

Minnesota House District:

Speaker Mellissa Hortman

for Minnesota
Congressional District 34B

Rep Ginny Klevorn

for Minnesota
Congressional District 42B

State Senate:

Senator John Hoffman

for Minnesota Senate,
District 34

Jim Abeler

for Minnesota State Senate,
District 35

Gov. Walz/Lt. Gov Flanagan (MN)

Steve Simon

for Minnesota
Secretary of State

Keith Ellison

for Minnesota
Attorney General

Julie Blaha

for Minnesota
State Auditor

Matt Little

for Dakota County

Trista Matas-Castillo

for Ramsey County

Carla Bigham

for Washington County

John Choi

for Ramsey County

Hollies Winston

for Brooklyn Park

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Sort through the truth and lies shared during this election season: