Director of Organizing

Jason Crowson
(651) 224-5480 ext. 661


Shawn Theis
(612) 417-0862

Tony McGarvey
(651) 224-5480 ext. 673

Mike Sundin
(612) 353-7170

Jordan Fry
(651) 224-5480 ext. 670

Who does IUPAT DC82 represent?

We currently represent Painters, Drywall Finishers, Glaziers, Glass Workers, Sign Installers, Convention Workers, Silk Screen, Paint Makers, and Embroidery Workers.

Do you think you would like to become a Union Member?

There are many ways to become a union member and there are many advantages as well. Better pay, Health Insurance, Career Opportunities, Pension, & Respect at the
work place just to name a few. If you are interested make sure you get the right information by calling the Organizing Department and talking to an organizer. There are
Labor Laws to protect any union activities and your conversations with us will remain confidential at all times.

Do you wish to become a Union Contractor?

There are a lot of advantages as a Union Contractor. A Skilled Workforce, Flexible Workforce Size, Free Training, Safety Training, Apprenticeship Programs to lower the wage cost, Target Monies, Productivity, Drug Free Workplace, Benefits paid buy the hours Worked, Mobility, Opportunity to Bid on Project Labor Agreements, and Cheaper wage cost on Prevailing Wage Jobs are just some of the advantages. There are a lot of Negative product Stereotypes out there as well please feel free to call anyone on the Organizing Staff to Voice any Comments, Concerns, or get an answer on any Questions.

What if I am already a Member and want to help or join a (Volunteer Organizing Committee) V.O.C.?

We are always looking for volunteers. There are many ways you can help your union grow and become stronger. Please contact the Director of Organizing if you are  Interested.