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Organizing a union in your workplace is about gaining a voice in what matters to you: better wages, benefits, pensions, safe working conditions or something as simple as dignity and respect.

The concerns of workers in the construction industry are widespread and many problems exist across job sites. Our union organizers have experience fighting for people just like you. They’re ready to privately discuss the issue with you and help you put a plan together to ensure your voice is heard. A union organizer can privately discuss with you the issues that matter and help you put a plan together to combine effort, influence, and resolve to ensure that everyone’s basic needs are addressed through this process.

Contact an organizer who can answer your questions about forming or joining a union.

Director of Organizing

Shawn Theis
(612) 417-0862
[email protected]


Are you a contractor looking to partner with DC 82? As some of the most qualified in the industry, our members get the job right the first time. Our workers are trained in the most up-to-date, state-of-the art techniques in the industry, and are upgrading their skill set as quickly as the industry changes.

Our signatory contractors also reap the benefits of partnering with Finishing Trades Institute of the Upper Midwest. FTIUM trains the next generation of apprentices, who are well on their way to becoming invaluable employees for some of the best employers in the region. We’re training the next generation of workers who will provide the same high-quality craftsmanship that makes the difference for you and your end-users.

Among many more qualifications, we feature:

  • An OSHA-certified workforce
  • Industry recognized certifications
  • Customized safety programs