International Union of Painters & Allied Trades District Council 82

District Council 82 provides a voice for almost 3,500 workers in the finishing trades across Minnesota, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota and western Wisconsin. Our members are trained in a variety of industry needs, including industrial and commercial painting, drywall finishing, glazing, glass work, sign installation, convention workers, silk screen paint making and embroidery. 

IUPAT’S 8 Bold Priorities:

Educational Outreach

The IUPAT offers exciting opportunities to anyone willing to put in the time and effort. With the IUPAT, you can learn the skills needed to succeed in the painting and finishing trades, and punch your ticket to the middle class.

Political Action

Now, more than ever, we need to elect leaders who are going to stand up for workers and guarantee that our voices are heard in local, state and federal government. IUPAT holds our elected leaders accountable, working with candidates and public officials to protect our rights and values.

Justice for All Workers

The IUPAT stands with all workers, no matter where they are from, to fight for fair pay, safe work sites and proper job training. Immigrant rights are worker rights. It’s that simple.


American infrastructure is crumbling. The IUPAT is dedicated to modernizing and repairing our roads, bridges, buildings, airports, water systems and the energy grid, and we plan to get the job done by providing good, high-paying union jobs. We provide cutting-edge training and skills to ensure our projects meet 21st century standards and beyond.

Retirement Security

The Painters and Allied Trades Industry Pension Fund is a resource to help protect you and your family’s future. 401(k) plans can be risky, but with an IUPAT pension managed by an experienced team of expert financial specialists, you are guaranteed monthly income in retirement.

Community Investment

The IUPAT is dedicated to building stronger communities for our members, families and neighbors. We donate thousands of hours and millions of dollars to the Boys and Girls Club, city beautification projects, and other important social and civic causes.


While many employers are only looking out for their bottom line, the IUPAT is looking out for you! We make sure all our members receive fair pay, proper training and work on safe job sites.

Workplace Training, Education & Safety

Worker safety is priority number one at the IUPAT. We offer all of our members continuous job training and safety instruction, and we hold employers accountable when they fail to properly protect workers.

About IUPAT International:

With over 110,000 active and retired men and women in the United States and Canada, the International Union of Painters and Allied Trades is recognized as one of the most active unions in the labor movement. Our members shape communities through a commitment to local investment, fighting for justice for all workers, rebuilding infrastructure, and mobilizing politically. The IUPAT has the backs of our members throughout their entire careers, from workplace training to retirement security.

Whether you are looking up a class or want to attend a union meeting, check out our calendar to learn what’s coming up!