Happy Holidays, DC 82 family!

As we gather with loved ones during this festive season, we take a moment to treasure the blessings in our lives and reflect on the principles that bind us together. The staff at DC 82 wishes all of our members a year of peace and prosperity.

The holidays embody gratitude, solidarity, and charity — values that serve as the cornerstone of our union. They serve as a time to acknowledge the strength we derive from standing as one, supporting each other, and setting new goals for advocating for fairness and dignity in our workplaces and communities.

The holiday season isn’t festive for everyone – symptoms of depression, addiction, grief, and more can feel far worse as the nights grow longer and there’s so much social pressure to have a good time and be happy.

Remember, we have each others’ backs.

Call TEAM for mental health support 24/7:
  • Toll-free number: 1-800-634-7710
  • Local numbers: 651-642-0182 & 218-727-8589

You don’t have to deal with it on your own. DC 82 and FTIUM have our Care Team on call 24/7 to help get you through the New Year and all year round.

This year’s Children’s Christmas Fund was a triumph, thanks to DC 82 members helping DC 82 families. We supported 56 families with gift cards, brightened their holiday tables, and brought gifts to 117 kids.

Huge thanks to all who volunteered, especially Jamie Joseph for shopping, packaging, and wrapping so many gifts. Your enthusiasm made a real difference. From Jamie and all of us, a heartfelt thank you to donors and volunteers.

We’d like to acknowledge Wilson-McShane Corporation for helping families in our community this winter. So many of us go through life-changing events and struggle a little extra over the holidays, and we’re proud to have signatory contractors who are willing to lend a hand.

Our union’s values revolve around inclusivity, fairness, and respect for all. Let’s celebrate these shared values during this holiday season, uniting us and empowering our quest for a brighter future for ourselves, our union, and our families.

May your new year be filled with warmth, appreciation, and a reaffirmation of the ideals that make us proud members of DC 82.

In solidarity,

Jeff Stark
Business Manager/Secretary-Treasurer
IUPAT District Council 82

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