The organized labor movement exists to uplift us all and give all people the opportunity to earn a livable wage and a solid future. We cannot stand by as that future is taken away from some of our brothers and sisters based solely on the color of their skin. 

DC 82 and the FTIUM are proud to be one of the most diverse unions and training centers in Minnesota as well as the country. Across color, creed, sexual orientation, and gender identity, we strive to teach, employ, and fight for all. 

I know our community and our country are hurting right now. And although I will never truly understand the community impact of unjust police brutality against Black men and women, such as the killing of George Floyd, my brothers and sisters at DC 82 and I are here for support.

Police are sworn to serve and protect, but systemic hatred and racism has shaken that goodwill in our city, state, country and world. Mr. Floyd’s death has sparked hundreds of non-violent protests demanding justice and action for those Black lives lost at the hands of police. 

As thousands of people peacefully flood the streets demanding justice, we stand with our Black brothers and sisters who have faced too many injustices too many times.

As Minneapolis and our State come to terms with these truths, hundreds of thousands of community members, unions, small business owners, and local leaders are standing in solidarity demanding justice and peace. The officers who killed Mr. Floyd must be held accountable. Reform isn’t an option; police, judicial systems and institutions must implement permanent, long-lasting change. 

The laws of this land must be applied equally and equitably to ALL.

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