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Brothers and Sisters,

We have two new opportunities to get out and serve your community on Saturday, April 20 for our Day of Action! This is the perfect time to dedicate a couple of hours of your time to use your skills to help make our community a better place to live.

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For all DC 82 members: Citywide Spring Cleanup 

WHERE: Bruce Vento Nature Sanctuary
265 Commercial St
Saint Paul, MN 55106
WHEN: 9 AM – 11:30 AM

Celebrate Earth Day at the 38th annual Citywide Spring Cleanup!

Join forces with your neighbors to clean up the litter in our parks and neighborhood streets exposed to melting snow.

The Citywide Spring Cleanup is hosted by Saint Paul Parks & Recreation, Saint Paul Public Works, and local organizations. This is a rain-or-shine event.

For DC 82 Women’s Committee members

WHERE: Missions Inc.
3409 E Medicine Lake Boulevard
Plymouth, MN 55441
WHEN: 8 AM start time

This event will include patching and painting the ceiling and walls in the common area of Missions Inc. which provides housing, emergency shelter, and supportive services to domestic abuse survivors and those seeking recovery from substance use disorders. They offer a collaborative and safe community for clients to heal and transform their lives.

Learn more about their work at

Questions about joining the Women’s Committee? Contact Jean Fields at [email protected] or call/text to 612-636-9892.

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Scholarship Opportunities from the MN AFL-CIO

From the Minnesota AFL-CIO:

The Minnesota AFL-CIO is proud to have scholarships available for union members and their dependents.

The scholarship application deadline is May 1, 2024.

If you have any questions regarding the scholarship programs offered by the Minnesota AFL-CIO, visit the MN AFL-CIO website or contact Jessica Martin at 612-666-7106 or email her at [email protected].

Please download the PDF of the application below to view all submission instructions and requirements, or visit their website at

Invitation to Benefits Day 2024

Local 106 Members

Friday, May 3, 2024
3:00 – 6:00 p.m.
2002 London Road, Duluth, MN
RSVP to Dana Marciniak at [email protected]
(218) 724-6466

Local 106 members: if you would like to speak with a
representative from the International Pension Office, please
contact the benefits team at 410-564-5500.

Members of Locals 61, 386, 681, 880 & 1324

Saturday, May 4, 2024
9:00 AM – 3:30 PM
3205 Country Drive, Little Canada, MN
RSVP to Brittany Hanson at [email protected]
(651) 379-9667

For the Metro Benefits Day, you will be assigned a time slot to attend when you call or email to RSVP.

All members must RSVP by April 12*

*Retirees are not required to RSVP, as they do not need to request any
pension estimates.

Please share the following information when you RSVP:

  1. Name
  2. Phone number and/or email address
  3. Local Union
  4. Date of birth
  5. Choose one date for a retirement estimate:
    a. If you would like multiple estimates, it would be in your best interest to contact Wilson-McShane on your own, as more than one estimate will hold up the flow of Benefits Day.
  6. If you are married, we will need your spouse’s date of birth

Per Wilson-McShane’s request, all RSVPs will need to be made on or before April 12 for them to prepare the pension estimates. If you fail to RSVP by April 12 or request more than one estimate, the estimates will be prepared and mailed from the Fund Office to the member’s home address on file within 30 days of the event.

Representatives from the International Pension Office (Metro area only), Wilson McShane, Blue Cross Blue Shield, SavRX (Metro area only), Milliman (Metro area only), Fiducient Advisors, T.E.A.M. and United Health for Retirees (Metro area only) will be there to discuss your benefits and answer questions.

We Hope to See You There!

2024 Scholarships Announcement & Deadlines

DC 82 Members in good standing,

You are all encouraged to share these two scholarship opportunities with your children and/or legal dependents. Please download the attached informational forms to begin the application process.

The applications will also be available in the Fall issue of the IUPAT Journal and on, but we encourage all who apply to get a head start on writing their materials.

The deadline for the IUPAT to receive both scholarship applications is May 29, 2024.

S. Frank “Bud” Raftery Scholarship

Frank “Bud” Raftery
IUPAT Member
General President
March 1965—June 1984

At the 25th General Convention held in Washington, D.C. in August 1984 a resolution was passed, creating the S. Frank “Bud” Raftery Scholarship Fund, to honor his service to the International Union all of his adult life, his accomplishments, and his progressive thinking.

At the 27th General Convention held in Washington, D.C. in August 1994, General President A.L. “Mike” Monroe and the General Executive Board passed a resolution to increase the S. Frank “Bud” Raftery Scholarship Fund to $20,000, allowing for ten (10) scholarships of $2,000 annually. This was done because of their strong beliefs in the principles for which the Scholarship Fund was created, and the need to continue and enhance the Convention theme of Organizing, Education, and Training, which was designed to bring all of our membership and their families into the strategic planning and operation of our International Union through educational programs.

Sons, daughters, or legal dependents of IUPAT members in good standing, are eligible to apply for scholarships within this fine program.

The selected topic for 2024 is as follows:

2024 Presidential Election: Protecting Our Democracy & Communities.

Many Americans are fearful of a looming recession, continued inflation, federal policy response and the state of our job markets. To add to these fears is political polarization and how it will impact the future of the U.S. during the November 2024 Presidential Election. Our democracy is clearly at stake and Americans are preparing to brace themselves for what will inevitably be an historical Presidential Election this coming November. Labor unions, civil groups and our local governments will need to unite to defend our democratic rights – not only during this pivotal election but into the future.

Understanding the charge of unions, explain how unions protect our democracy and impact our communities. The scholarship awards are contingent upon the student attending a certified college, university, vocational tech./trade school or other such institute of higher learning.

Award winners must enroll in the school of their choice within a year of the award date or forfeit the award.

This year, the scholarship applicant submission deadline date for the S. Frank “Bud” Raftery and A.L. “Mike” Monroe/Ralph D. Williams, III Sports Scholarships is May 29, 2024. Winners of both scholarship awards will be announced in the month of June 2024.

A.L. “Mike” Monroe/Ralph D. Williams, III Sports Scholarship

At the International Union of Painters and Allied Trades Convention in 1999, the A. L. “Mike” Monroe and Ralph D. Williams, III, Sports Scholarship was introduced and ratified into the Union’s Constitution. 

This groundbreaking program was created to offer student athletes the opportunity to pursue their athletic ambitions while earning an advanced educational degree at the academic institution of their choosing. 

Despite their athletic talent, neither man had the resources to attend college and instead joined the Union at a young age. This scholarship, named in their honor, gives IUPAT members’ children the chance to attain a higher education. In 1000, words describe why you should receive this award! 

All applicants must meet the following requirements: 

  • He/she must be a legal dependent of an IUPAT member in good standing.
  • Supply an official high school transcript. 
  • A complete history of athletic participation and special recognition in high school.
  • Register with the NCAA Clearing House and declare the athletic program in which he/she will be participating.
  • A letter of recommendation must be submitted from the coach or athletic director of the institution the applicant has been accepted and has chosen to attend.
  • A complete record of additional financial aid. 

The award is contingent upon the student enrolling in the school of their choice within one year of the award date or the award is forfeited.

Scholarship applications must be submitted and received by May 29, 2024. Please submit your applications to the IUPAT-A. L. “Mike” Monroe/Ralph D. Williams, III, Sports

Scholarship, 7234 Parkway Drive, Hanover, MD, 21076 or via email to [email protected]. Winners will be announced June 2024.

Holiday wishes & mental health resources from DC 82

Happy Holidays, DC 82 family!

As we gather with loved ones during this festive season, we take a moment to treasure the blessings in our lives and reflect on the principles that bind us together. The staff at DC 82 wishes all of our members a year of peace and prosperity.

The holidays embody gratitude, solidarity, and charity — values that serve as the cornerstone of our union. They serve as a time to acknowledge the strength we derive from standing as one, supporting each other, and setting new goals for advocating for fairness and dignity in our workplaces and communities.

The holiday season isn’t festive for everyone – symptoms of depression, addiction, grief, and more can feel far worse as the nights grow longer and there’s so much social pressure to have a good time and be happy.

Remember, we have each others’ backs.

Call TEAM for mental health support 24/7:
  • Toll-free number: 1-800-634-7710
  • Local numbers: 651-642-0182 & 218-727-8589

You don’t have to deal with it on your own. DC 82 and FTIUM have our Care Team on call 24/7 to help get you through the New Year and all year round.

This year’s Children’s Christmas Fund was a triumph, thanks to DC 82 members helping DC 82 families. We supported 56 families with gift cards, brightened their holiday tables, and brought gifts to 117 kids.

Huge thanks to all who volunteered, especially Jamie Joseph for shopping, packaging, and wrapping so many gifts. Your enthusiasm made a real difference. From Jamie and all of us, a heartfelt thank you to donors and volunteers.

We’d like to acknowledge Wilson-McShane Corporation for helping families in our community this winter. So many of us go through life-changing events and struggle a little extra over the holidays, and we’re proud to have signatory contractors who are willing to lend a hand.

Our union’s values revolve around inclusivity, fairness, and respect for all. Let’s celebrate these shared values during this holiday season, uniting us and empowering our quest for a brighter future for ourselves, our union, and our families.

May your new year be filled with warmth, appreciation, and a reaffirmation of the ideals that make us proud members of DC 82.

In solidarity,

Jeff Stark
Business Manager/Secretary-Treasurer
IUPAT District Council 82

Happy Thanksgiving from IUPAT DC 82

Dear DC 82 brothers and sisters,

As we gather with family and friends to celebrate Thanksgiving, it’s a time to appreciate the blessings in our lives and reflect on the values that bind us together. 

Thanksgiving is about gratitude, unity, and solidarity — the same values that form the foundation of our union. It’s a time to recognize the strength we derive from standing together, supporting one another, and advocating for fair treatment and dignity in our workplaces and communities.

Our union values emphasize inclusivity, fairness, and respect for all. They remind us that every worker’s voice matters and that collective action can create positive change. This Thanksgiving, let’s celebrate these values that unite us and empower us to strive for a better tomorrow for ourselves, our union, and our families.

May this holiday be filled with warmth, gratitude, and a reaffirmation of the principles that make us proud DC 82 members.

From all the staff of DC 82, we wish you and your loved ones a joyful and meaningful Thanksgiving.

In solidarity,

Jeff Stark
Business Manager/Secretary-Treasurer
IUPAT District Council 82


Holiday Background

Happy Holidays!

Dear DC 82 Officers, Reps, & Members,
We have started this year’s Children’s Christmas Fund fundraising!

Can you please help our brothers and sisters of District Council 82?

We accept cash and toys. You can make checks payable to:
Children’s Christmas Fund
District Council 82
3205 Country Drive
Little Canada, MN 55117

For questions, please call or email:
Amanda [email protected]

If you need help for your children, please make sure you meet the criteria and fill out a request form.

Thank you for the continued support of the District Council 82 Children’s Christmas Fund!

*Please remember all donations are not tax deductible!

DC 82 joined hundreds of workers in the March for Dignity & Respect

March for dignity and respect group photo
March for dignity and respect group photo

In a demonstration of solidarity and advocacy for the rights of construction workers, IUPAT DC 82 joined hosts Centro De Trabajadores Unidos En La Lucha (CTUL) and Jewish Community Action in a march and rally with dozens of construction workers, union members, concerned community members, and allies to participate in the March for Dignity and Respect: Nothing Gets Built Without These Hands. 

The march demanded that developers Solhem, Yellow Tree, and United Properties participate in the Building Dignity and Respect (BDR) Program, thereby committing to better working conditions for their construction employees.

Alleged violations by the developers include child labor, threats of deportation, massive wage theft, and unsafe working conditions. The march also educated the community about these challenges faced by construction workers.

We thank the many DC 82 members who showed up to this event ready to support their fellow workers and demand respect and accountability from unscrupulous contractors in the Twin Cities.

Tony McGarvey wins Brooklyn Park City Council Special Election

Tony McGarvey
Tony McGarvey

DC 82’s director of government affairs, Tony McGarvey, is now Brooklyn Park’s newest city council member, promising a fresh wave of worker representation and forward momentum.

Right from the outset of his campaign, Tony showed his constituents that he shows up for them in meaningful ways. He attended local events to truly listen to their concerns and top issues – and to understand what his neighbors needed from their city council.

We need leaders who promote public policies that benefit working people and ordinary families, making sure our rights and safety are protected on the job and in our communities. Leaders of principle, like Tony, understand from first-hand experience the challenges working people face.

Strong unions help our elected leaders focus on the issues that matter to us, like fair pay, good benefits, and a voice on the job.  With corporations looking to increase their bottom line, we need elected leaders who prioritize safeguarding job rights and safety. Their firsthand understanding of workplace challenges ensures they can create fair regulations, promoting equity and empowerment. 

We need working people’s voices to be heard at all levels of government. By supporting these leaders, voters directly influence policies that shape better working conditions and more just communities and societies.

In addition to his strong positions on workers’ rights, McGarvey ran a platform to address affordable housing, the city’s hard water problem, and common-sense upgrades to local transportation.

On Tony’s campaign website, he said,

I am running because Democracy is not a spectator sport. This concept that we all hold dear begins right here at the city level."

Tony received 82 percent of the votes.

A heartfelt congratulations from all of us at DC 82, Brother McGarvey! We look forward to working with you to support working people in Brooklyn Park.

FTIUM: Where we came from, where we’re going

2023 FTIUM Grads
2023 FTIUM Grads

A long time ago, our employer partners and union leadership shared a vision for what the Finishing Trades Institute of the Upper Midwest could be. They all agreed on a few things: the school would be a place to train the whole worker, from ongoing skills training, to how to work well on a team, to how to live a fulfilling, healthy life in this demanding industry.

With every graduating class, our employer partners and union leadership watch as the next generation of the best-trained workers walk across that stage as apprentices and walk off into their new lives as journey workers; Workers who are continuously empowered to live out their successful careers just as our school’s founders envisioned. We see you, our partners see you, and our lawmakers see you too.

This past spring, the Minnesota Legislature passed a law that stated, beginning in 2024, that apprenticeship program graduates must make up at least 30% of the workforce at oil refineries. In 2025, it goes to 40%, 2026, 60%. How does this apply to the finishing trades, you might ask?

The Minnesota Legislature sees workers because we show up and use our voices. Dangerous work must be done with top safety standards. It’s understood that our communities and our workers are relying on schools like ours that train people to safely do their jobs. It’s undeniable that a lack of adequate training can lead to disastrous results. Simply put, having union-trained apprentices and journey workers can be the difference between having a successful project, or having a safety disaster.

So when you think about how you work safely on the job site, I want you to also think about the ripple effect you have. By showing up on that job site every day and performing your work with union excellence and top safety standards, you’re helping to keep workers safe across industries. You’re leading by example, and your example leads to major laws being passed that protect all workers.

What FTIUM’s graduates have managed to achieve by being the best versions of yourselves is beyond what our founders originally envisioned for the school. Because of our graduates, we can look to the future of the finishing trades with so much confidence and hope.

From all the staff of District Council 82, we couldn’t be more proud of our FTIUM graduates. Congratulations once again to the FTI-UM Class of 2023!

Jeff Stark
Business Manager/Secretary-Treasurer
District Council 82