Despite challenges from the pandemic, IUPAT DC 82 is committed to providing help to those in need this winter.

Beginning at noon on Saturday, February 27, the Painters of District Council 82 will distribute 30-pound USDA Farmers to Families Boxes to anyone in need on a first-come, first-served basis. Volunteers equipped with PPE will be loading food and gallons of milk into people’s cars as they arrive at the drive-thru event. Each box includes two proteins, fruit, vegetables, and dairy items.

“Our members are grateful for the opportunity to volunteer and participate in these partnerships. These organizations are helping our neighbors in these critical times and we get to play a part in that,” said Terry Nelson, Business Manager/ Secretary-Treasurer of District Council 82. “This is our purpose – to ensure safety and sustainability, no matter what. It’s our pleasure to give back in any way we can.” 

The federally-funded program aims to put resources in the hands of farmers who have experienced a reduction in their ability to get their products to market due to COVID-19 food processing shutdowns. 

We are so proud to support its partners in this effort to give back to the community, especially during the pandemic. 
To learn more about the USDA Farmers to Families Boxes, visit

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