Dear DC 82 brothers and sisters,

As we gather with family and friends to celebrate Thanksgiving, it’s a time to appreciate the blessings in our lives and reflect on the values that bind us together. 

Thanksgiving is about gratitude, unity, and solidarity — the same values that form the foundation of our union. It’s a time to recognize the strength we derive from standing together, supporting one another, and advocating for fair treatment and dignity in our workplaces and communities.

Our union values emphasize inclusivity, fairness, and respect for all. They remind us that every worker’s voice matters and that collective action can create positive change. This Thanksgiving, let’s celebrate these values that unite us and empower us to strive for a better tomorrow for ourselves, our union, and our families.

May this holiday be filled with warmth, gratitude, and a reaffirmation of the principles that make us proud DC 82 members.

From all the staff of DC 82, we wish you and your loved ones a joyful and meaningful Thanksgiving.

In solidarity,

Jeff Stark
Business Manager/Secretary-Treasurer
IUPAT District Council 82

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