The IUPAT has been fighting for working people since 1887. The IUPAT was built by workers, protected by workers, and it will be grown by workers. Together, we’ve achieved working conditions that would have made our forefathers very proud. But there is still a ways to go before all workers have what they deserve.

Now, in 2020, raising our collective voice is more crucial than ever. And our region is one of the most important regions in the country to be active in.

In our region, unscrupulous contractors take advantage of workers every day. Wage theft runs rampant, and its up to us to make sure every lawbreaking employer is held accountable. Anti-worker forces are currently influencing our Minnesota statehouse, Congress, and even the Supreme Court. 

If we don’t activate for the issues our members care about, greedy employers, contractors, & politicians will make decisions for us.

Achieving the rights we have was no miracle. We fought for these rights, and we will continue to fight until all workers have justice on the job.

An organized, active workforce is the only way to achieve our goals. Join the fight today. 

Take the IUPAT Activist Pledge right now:

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