We’re right in the middle of a building boom. Skyscrapers and other large development projects are sprouting up all over the twin cities. Good contractors are searching for well trained workers like us… and unscrupulous contractors are forcing unorganized workers to race to the bottom.

Wage theft runs rampant in our region (read more about wage theft here [link to site language]). Contractors with no moral code allow or invite ICE onto their job sites to prey upon the workers that they often force to work with little or no pay. It’s unsafe, not moral, and downright scary.

Trained workers are also being taken advantage of.  When a standard of worker exploitation is set, unscrupulous contractors follow suit and exploit workers.

This is why we organize. We all believe that all workers deserve fair pay and justice on the job. We are ALL responsible for organizing, just as union workers have done for hundreds of years.

Here’s some easy things to do to help us ensure that all workers have a voice:

  1. Speak Up.
    • If you are working with somebody who isn’t in a union, ask them if they’ve ever thought about joining a union. Tell them how we are insured the best wages, best benefits, and best training in the industry
  2. Stay Vigilant. 
    • Learn to see the signs of wage theft and safety violations. When you see a worker doing something unsafe, speak up, and report it to your union. The more union workers are on job sites, the more chances we have to save lives.
  3. Get Active.
    • When you see lawmakers working against what we’ve fought to accomplish, do something. Sign up for our Activist Pledge here.

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